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November 28, 2014

Model Portfolio Value As of 28 November 2014

$ 762,818

Comment on Model Portfolio activity

We added AT&T and Verizon as trades when the dropped unexpectedly on Monday. We sold the Verizon on Friday for a better than quarterly dividend profit. We also bought more Sprint.

Oil continues its plunge as do gasoline prices. Those events are good for folks if not for the oil companies. But the drop in oil company share prices is providing a trading opportunity.

And so we placed the AT&T and Verizon money in British Petroleum and Marathon Oil which are on their lows because of the oil price drop.

We sold half our Abercrombie and Ascena positions ahead of earnings next week in a ‘hope we are wrong’ trade. And we eliminated half our GM B warrants with the same thought.

We sold Juniper and Sprouts for nice trading  profits

We remain watchful and patient in picking our spots.

November 21, 2014

Model Portfolio Value As of 21 November 2014

$ 756,887

Comment on Model Portfolio activity

During the week we repurchased DreamWorks, switched Cisco with a profit to Juniper and added to Sprint. We also had a quick and profitable one day trade in Urban Outfitters.

China cut interest rates on Friday which gave the meandering markets a boost. With Thanksgiving next week (usually an upper) the downward correction we were looking for has probably been delayed if not eliminated for the year.

We remain cautious as the stocks leading this move remain the no earnings wonders.




November 14, 2014

Model Portfolio Value As of 14 November 2014

$ 753,554

Comment on Model Portfolio activity

During the week we repurchased our Abercrombie position down $6 for where we sold the week before. We also added Cisco on a decent earnings report and more Sprouts. We took a loss on JC Penney ahead of earnings and we are hopefully out of that thrice burning name for the duration of our lifetime.

Markets remain firm and Oil weak never to return to $100 a barrel. Right. The taking heads now propound that low oil prices are bad for the economy. Only folks driven to work in limos they don’t pay for would take that view.



November 7, 2014

Model Portfolio Value As of 7 November 2014

$ 750,193

Comment on Model Portfolio activity

We raised cash Thursday after the meager post-election pop. The pattern for the majority of the last ten years has been that after the rally off the October lows another test occurs mid-November to mid-December. We may be being too cute but we don’t think we are risking much gain to increase our buying power at this time.

The October lows were made in the media nonsense rage over Ebola killing everyone, ISIL invading the U.S. through Mexico, Russia taking over Ukraine and the European Common market going down the drain.

Could that have been election hype-scaring?

The reality is the markets are at an all-time high; Unemployment is 5.8%; the annual budget deficit is shirking; and Europe and Japan are even lowering interest rates with Japan buying stocks. Too bad.

And so our guess is that normal market trends my control for a while.

During the week we took a very nice profit in Whole Foods making almost enough money to afford at least one shopping trip. We also avoided disaster in Abercrombie by luckily selling at a wash loss the day before the company announced same store sales down 12% for the quarter. We traded Sprouts Food Market by selling the day before earning’s and buying back lower the next day. We had a small profit on the trade. We sold Huntington, Alcoa, GM common and Juniper for varying gains.

We may be repurchasing some of them if the markets allow at some point in the next month.




































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